Tracepoint Event Table

After you set your tracepoint, Thundra Sidekick will take a snapshot of the application state when the code on tracepoint is executed. When this situation happens, a new tracepoint event will appear on the Tracepoint Event Table as below:
Thundra Sidekick - Tracepoint Event Table
Writing any text to the search area will filter the Tracepoint Event Table as shown below:
Thundra Sidekick - Filtered Tracepoint Event Table
Filtering by trace-id's has a special power of listing all tracepoints of the same transaction. However, it's hard to write to the text area. To filter by trace id, you can click on the "Funnel icon" next to the value in the "Trace" column.
Thundra Sidekick - Filtered Tracepoint Event Table by Trace
For each tracepoint, a distributed trace is generated automatically when distributed tracing is enabled. By clicking on the "TraceMap" in the row of an event, you'll be navigated to the distributed trace of that event in Thundra APM.
Thundra Sidekick - Distributed Trace
When clicked on a tracepoint event table, the details of the snapshot taken on the right in tracepoint event detail area.
Thundra Sidekick - Event Clicked