Code Editor Area

After you import your code to the source code control area, you can open any file that you'd like to view or debug to the code editor area. Thundra Sidekick lets you set tracepoints only for application code (only for Java at the moment) but you can still view other files on our code editor area.
After instrumenting your application with Thundra Sidekick and selecting an application to debug, you can start setting tracepoints just by clicking the gutter area. You'll see a purple circle appearing when the tracepoint is set.
Thundra Sidekick Code Editor

Welcome Tab

Welcome Tab in the code editor area always stays open in the application shows:
  • API Key to instrument your application.
  • Instructions for getting started with Thundra Sidekick
  • Resources that might be helpful while using Thundra Sidekick
  • Navigation to our integrations (currently only for IntelliJ IDEA)
Thundra Sidelick Home Screen