Enable/Disable Tracepoint

When a tracepoint is disabled, it will not be removed but it will stop capturing snapshots. A disabled tracepoint can be enabled back again later till it gets expired. So, disabling a tracepoint is useful when you need to remove it temporarily.
To disable a tracepoint, uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox in the edit popup:
Thudra Sidekick - Tracepoint Disabled
You can also use the On/Off button next to the tracepoint line on the main tool window to enable and disable tracepoints.
Thundra Sidekick - Enabled Tracepoint in List
Thundra Sidekick - Disabled Tracepoint in List
As it can be seen in the below image, disabled tracepoints will be shown using an outlined icon to visually separate them from the enabled ones:
Thudra Sidekick - Tracepoint Disabled in Gutter Area