Navigating to a Distributed Trace
When the distributed tracing is enabled (which is how it's set by default), Thundra Sidekick will connect several tracepoints in the same transaction. Let’s say that you have an application of two microservices in the form of Service A -> SQS -> Service B. When distributed tracing is enabled for the tracepoints in Service A and Service B, you will be able to see the tracepoint events in Thundra APM.
Thundra Sidekick - Distributed Tracing Integration
If an event is captured when distributed tracing is enabled, you will see a green circle icon on the table next to the event. Otherwise, you will see a green bird without a circle:
Thundra Sidekick - Navigation to Thundra APM
When you click “See in Thundra APM” on a snapshot event, you will be redirected to the Thundra trace map page for that specific event:
Thundra APM - Distributed Trace Graph Representation
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