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Thundra Sidekick automatically connects to Java applications with a very easy setup with no-code configuration.
To plug the Thundra SDK into your Java application, please follow the instructions here.

Supported JVMs and Languages

  • JDK 8+ is supported
  • Java (8+), Kotlin (1.3+) and Scala (2.10+) JVM languages are supported

Supported Frameworks

The Thundra agent supports the following frameworks without any additional configuration needed:
  • Spring Web (4.x, 5.x)
  • Spring Boot (1.x, 2.x)


  • Tracepoints can be put onto executable codes inside methods. Constructors and static initializers are not supported yet.
  • Only method arguments and local variables are captured while getting a snapshot of the tracepoint. Member or static fields of the owner object (instance of the class where tracepoint was put) are not captured yet.
  • Only the top frame (the method where the tracepoint was put) snapshot is captured. Lower frames' (caller methods in the call stack) snapshots are not captured yet but frame class name, method name, and line numbers are provided.