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Debugging applications in remote environments is painful, because you can’t set breakpoints to remote applications like you can in your local environment. The main motivation behind Thundra Sidekick is to help developers alleviate the suffering caused by the lack of tooling for debugging during remote development on distributed environments.
Thundra Sidekick removes the burden of debugging and enables developers to set tracepoints to code, which don’t interrupt an execution but are still able to take snapshots of it. But the benefits don’t stop there: This feature takes things to the next level by displaying the distributed trace of the modern applications. Thundra Sidekick is therefore very helpful when developers work on remote environments and debug their code.

Who Should Use Sidekick

Thundra Sidekick is most useful when you need to debug an application on a remote machine. While utilizing log data seems the most obvious choice for these situations, Thundra Sidekick provides an extra edge with a seamless debugging experience that’s comparable to debugging an application on your local environment.
Whether you're a developer, testing software engineer, or QA engineer, Thundra Sidekick is here to help you become the best at what you do.
Benefits of Thundra Sidekick for Developers:
  • Start to debug your remote application and collect actionable data from your remote application.
  • Evaluate the impact of an error in any application to other applications with integrated distributed tracing.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues by sharing snapshots taken by Thundra Sidekick.
  • Test your quick fixes without re-deploying the application (coming soon).
Thundra Sidekick for QA Engineers, Software Engineers:
  • Triage failures in tests even faster with snapshots and traces
  • Re-run tests with more added intelligence
  • Reduce the time spent context-switching between different tools.
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